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Picnic Boxes

Our Picnic Boxes come in two sizes:

• Individual $17 (great for kids of any age and corporate lunches)

• Family Box $68 serves 4

Our picnic boxes include your choice of Croissant/ Baguette or Slider sandwiches. We offer a selection of toppings to choose from Ham, Turkey, Salami, Egg Salad, and a Buffalo Chicken for you to pick your favorite. Seasonal fruit and vegetables, homemade bars, cookies or protein balls, Trail Mix and a few fun touches to make your picnic picture perfect. Every box is a little bit different but equal parts delicious and beautiful. Sandwiches will come with cheese, lettuce, mayo, or cream cheese.

Our boxes are the perfect addition to family get-togethers or celebrations. We use premium meats and cheeses. combined with our favorite selection of sweets and savory to bring you something fun, beautiful, and delicious in every bite. Order a box for your next event whether it’s a baby shower, Corporate luncheon, birthday party or anniversary we have you covered. All boxes pair well with wine or juice boxes, you decide!

Charcuterie Boxes

• Mini Charcuterie $20

• Charcuterie (Box 10 x 10) for $60

• Family Charcuterie (Box 10 x 14) for $80

• Charcuterie Platters $115 (Box 16 x 16)

Because cheese is life, each box Includes a minimum of 3 premium cheeses, a selection of 3 varieties of deli meats, artisanal crackers, Seasonal fruit & accompaniments. Every box is a little bit different but equal parts delicious and beautiful.

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Special Requests

There is a long list of other things we can do, Just ask! We love seeing your vision come to life.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• Corporate lunches

• Birthdays (adults & kids)

• Realtor boxes for that special client 

• Weddings

• Graze tables

• Brunch boxes

• Date or Anniversary boxes for 2


Endless possibilities, please fill out the order form & we will work out all the details with you!

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